What is CEM : Customer Experience Management

Good customer relationships are built on great customer experiences. Let NICE Satmetrix deliver insights into your customers’ emotions and guide you on how to take things to the next level.

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Understanding Customer Experience Management

5 Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Approach
Surveys alone don’t do the trick when it comes to customer experience management. Do CEM right: Engage with your customers, and implement the essentials of an effective program.

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CEM Takes the Pulse of Your Customer Relationships

CEM, or customer experience management, has joined the ranks of business terms that fall victim to misuse. Here’s the deal: You’re doing CEM when you are systematically and comprehensively collecting feedback from your customers, marrying that feedback to customer data, analyzing it to produce insights, and then using those insights to improve the customer experience in ways that increase loyalty.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, so here’s a simpler definition: CEM is the process of continuously taking stock of the customer experience, and acting to improve it. CEM is about knowing your customers so completely that you can deliver experiences that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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CEM Acts as a Business Heart Monitor

If you have a customer survey in place, you might think you’ve got your CEM efforts covered. Think again. Customer feedback is just one piece of CEM, and customer surveys are just one piece of customer feedback. Bring in operational data, unstructured feedback (like social media), and insights captured during conversations to build a complete view of the customer journey.

Take the next step by analyzing the data, and follow that with action. CEM empowers you and your employees to create (and sustain) customer delight.

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CEM Tracks Your Relationship Across Every Interaction

Improving the customer experience encompasses every business function, not just those you might initially think of, like customer service. CEM crosses all departmental boundaries and positions, from e-commerce to marketing to billing. CEM connects operations and processes, beginning to end – throughout the customer journey.

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CEM Is a Leading Indicator of Growth

If you want to manage customer experience right, you’ve got to measure it right. Your best bet for a core metric is Net Promoter, which combines a straightforward, proven metric that predicts growth with an action-oriented management philosophy. It’s the only metric that’s a proven leading indicator of growth.

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CEM Is a Companywide Committment

Your CEM strategy should touch every employee, regardless of title, because every employee has a role to play in improving experience throughout the customer journey. Empowered employees deliver a more personalized, winning customer experience that builds loyalty, encourages positive word of mouth, and reduces customer churn. CEM provides your entire organization with tangible, game changing insights.

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