Ensure the Security of Your VOC Program Data

Your VOC Data Is Always Safe and Available

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Always On, Always Secure

Listen to everything your customers have to say without worrying about who else will hear the conversation.

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Secure and Reliable from Top to Bottom

The security of your customer information shouldn’t appear on your list of worries. To remove all doubt, we put security at the center of our software and network architecture. We deploy a multi-tiered network architecture infrastructure, housed in state-of-the-art data centers and overseen by NICE Satmetrix information technology experts. Protecting it at the top is a firewall that manages all IP addresses. At the bottom and most secure level sits the database. In between, purpose-built systems minimize threats from component failure or malware.

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Keep Your Customer Surveys Secure

Satmetrix takes extensive measures to ensure only authorized access to your customer surveys, information, and reports. Encryption tokens and authentication protocols guarantee the integrity and security of every survey and response. Access to reporting is conducted via an encrypted data exchange and can only be gained through a rigorous SSL authentication process that must be renewed before each session.

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Control Access to Your System

Your customer information belongs to you, so you alone control who has access to that information. You can even remove all report access for NICE Satmetrix employees. For additional security and control, all authorized development and monitoring are done via Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection that uses 128-bit encryption.

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Always On, Always Available

If your customer is ready to give feedback, you should be ready to collect it, so we take uptime seriously. We employ state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to monitor network and system performance and warn of possible failures and risk. Full weekly and daily incremental backups are stored in an encrypted and secure offsite data center. A thorough disaster and recovery plan and a globally distributed workforce stand ready to mitigate risks from business downtime.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

We regularly submit to and pass rigorous audits to meet the security, privacy, and availability standards of the global industry and governmental organizations that regulate our business.