Net Promoter Score Benchmarks

See how your Net Promoter Score® measures up in your industry and get data-driven insights into your competition’s NPS® drivers. Use our market-leading benchmarks to set smart goals for your CX performance.

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Industry-Leading Benchmarks

Rely on the industry’s most trusted source for data and insight on NPS performance. Confidently set short- and long-term performance targets for your customer experience work, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends. Satmetrix co-created NPS; why turn to anybody else?

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Rich, Peer-Based Comparisons

Get direct access to your competitors’ most valued KPIs by tapping into our database of historical NPS trends. Our annual Net Promoter benchmarks for B2C and B2B companies cover a wide range of industries and use high volumes of data. For example, our latest B2C reports cover 23 industries and nearly 190 brands, drawing on brand ratings from more than 65,000 consumers. On the B2B side, see an additional seven industry-based reports using responses from more than 350,000 people in 168 countries.

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Interactive Data Visualization Tool

Review NPS performance for your entire industry or just a select group of your fiercest competitors using the intuitive filters in our reports. You can also tailor the type of reporting you see – line graphs, bar charts, tables – and export images of what you see.

B2C and B2B NPS Benchmarks Guide Your Planning

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B2C NPS Benchmarks: Ranking Top Brands

We compile our B2C Benchmarks annually, using opt-in surveys, to provide candid feedback from thousands of consumers about the brands you care about. Our interactive reporting tool will show you:

  • Current and historical Net Promoter Scores for companies in your industry
  • Distribution of NPS Score by factors such as age, customer tenure, and current spend
  • Drivers of customer satisfaction for the overall relationship and for industry-specific attributes

Our latest reports feature 185 brands, drawing responses from more than 65,000 consumers, and we present eight years of historical data.

B2B NPS Benchmarks: See Regional Trends

We compile our B2B benchmarks annually, using proprietary – and anonymous – data collected directly from our customers. It’s the highest quality data possible: real responses from real customers, collected during the course of business. And our database contains millions of responses, drawing on feedback collected from over 350,000 individuals from 168 different countries.

Each industry report features a quartile-breakdown of NPS performance for the year covered, segmented for global, regional, and country-specific views as allowed by the data.

Industries Covered in Our Reports

Gain unlimited access to all 30 industry-based reports when you purchase Satmetrix Academy & Research.

B2C reports are provided for each of the following industry sectors with scores for a named set of companies:


Auto Insurance


Brokerage & Investments

Cable & Satellite TV

Cell Phone Service

Credit Cards

Department and Specialty Stores

Drug Stores and Pharmacies

Grocery and Supermarkets

Health Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance


Internet Service

Laptop Computers

Life Insurance

Online Entertainment Industry

Online Shopping

Shipping Services


Software & Apps

Tablet Computers

Travel Websites

B2B reports cover the following industries showing quartile-based data by region and country:

Business Services

Computer Hardware

High Tech (Hardware + Software)


Overall (data from all included companies)



See highlights from our 2020 NPS B2C Benchmarks

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