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Benefit from our unrivaled expertise when you take our online training through Satmetrix Academy & Research. Earn the industry’s most coveted credential and take your customer experience knowledge to the next level. We also provide guidance for smart goal-setting: unlimited access to our renowned B2C and B2B benchmarks is included too.

Your annual subscription is $3,000 for one user. To buy for a crowd or to explore in-person training, contact us at sales@satmetrix.com.

Practical Guidance from the Experts

Become an expert on building, refining, and managing a world-class customer experience program by learning from the experts. We co-created Net Promoter Score, or NPS, over 15 years ago and have been helping companies deliver tangible business outcomes ever since.

Battle-Tested Best Practices

Tired of training that fails to show you how? Our certification and training courses feature real-world case studies that demonstrate how to approach and overcome your most pressing challenges.

Career-Defining Confidence

Accelerate your career by learning the skills you need to run – or refine – a show-stopping customer experience program. You’ll also develop the business acumen to engage and advise your leadership team.

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Advance Your Program with Comprehensive Training

Your Satmetrix Academy & Research subscription gives you access our in-depth Net Promoter Certification course and our advanced Net Promoter Economics course.

Net Promoter Certification: Get Noticed

There’s no better way to signify your status as a customer experience pro. Net Promoter Certification delivers know-how and recognition in one blow.

Certification Packs a Punch –Join the more than 5,000 professionals who’ve earned the world’s only official Net Promoter credential. Gain the expertise that gets you recognized, and pass the exam to advance your career.

Comprehensive Guidance – Take the guesswork out of running a CEM program by completing our in-depth certification program, designed and taught by Satmetrix experts. The curriculum includes the following modules:

  • Intro to Net Promoter
  • Measurement Framework
  • Actionable Insights
  • Smart Loops
  • Foundation for Success
  • Exam Preparation

Net Promoter Economics: Demonstrate Value

Take your CX business acumen to the next level. Net Promoter Economics helps you connect the dots between customer experience management and your bottom line.

Get a Handle on Business Impact – Develop the business acumen necessary to challenge your business partners on the effectiveness of customer experience management.

Demonstrate the Link to Financial Outcomes – Learn how to build a ‘Net Promoter Simulator’ that links customer experience actions to financial outcomes through a combination of engaging instruction and practical case study examples.

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About Your Subscription

Satmetrix Academy & Research is your single source for the industry’s premier thought leadership on customer experience. As Satmetrix Academy & Research subscriber, you’ll benefit from our B2C and B2B benchmarks online in the Research section. You’ll also have access to the Academy section, where you’ll find our Net Promoter Certification course and our Net Promoter Economics course. Learn all the skills you need to build or manage a world-class customer experience program, and earn the sought-after status of Net Promoter Certified Associate. Learn more about our certification and training.

Your subscription includes unlimited access to all current and any newly published materials for one calendar year, and it will auto-renew to ensure continued access.

For your convenience, all Satmetrix Academy & Research resources are available to you online. Get immediate access by completing a simple, two-step registration process.

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