Transform Customer Experience and Increase Loyalty

Get the insights and expert help you need to consistently deliver customer experiences that transform more customers into loyal net promoters – from the co-creators of Net Promoter Score® (NPS®).

Increase NPS by Aligning Customer Loyalty Initiatives Across Your Organization

Eliminate CX Blind Spots

Connect the dots across a unified view of the omnichannel customer journey to proactively prevent churn and drive loyalty.

Prioritize and act strategically

Prioritize and Act on Systemic Issues

Uncover and prioritize the customer experience changes that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Create Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Create Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Loyal net promoters don’t just recommend, they buy more. Start creating more impactful and profitable customer relationships.

NPS® and Loyalty: Learn how to use NPS to support customer service teams

Partner with the Co-creator of NPS to Drive Customer Loyalty

NICE Satmetrix is the co-creator of NPS, a measure used to assess loyalty, commonly considered a leading growth indicator.

When combined with other measures of the customer experience, NPS lets you confidently prioritize CX initiatives that will have the greatest positive impact on your bottom line.

Leveraging our deep experience, powerful analytics, and a holistic VOC approach, NICE Satmetrix consultants can partner with you to design, deploy, and optimize your experience transformation programs to ensure that they deliver maximum business value.

NPS Gauge

“Loyalty leaders grow revenues roughly 2.5 times as fast as their industry peers.”

– Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2020

Magnify the Positive Impact of Customer Loyalty Beyond the Contact Center

While the contact center is the nexus of customer service, the positive business impact of increasing customer loyalty is far more wide-reaching.  A holistic VOC program can be your omnichannel lens into the customer journey, bringing focus to the areas of most impact—helping you amplify positive CX and identify areas for improvement.

With NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC, you can gather feedback from your customers in the channel of their choice – and then correlate analytics across boundaries to impact experiences in the moments that matter most.

A single unified view of the customer journey allows for historical contextual analysis and role-specific dashboards. You can easily navigate previous and subsequent interactions to contextualize feedback to determine root cause, and empower cross-channel change that enhances loyalty.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

Impact NPS and Loyalty

Impact Agent Performance

Impact Experience Transformation