Prevent Customer Churn and Reduce Costly Repeat Calls

Get informed conversations with AI infused analytics that power agile action to quickly resolve customer issues – and drive more value through the contact center.

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Customer Lifetime Value, and Reduce Churn

Close the Loop

on high-risk interactions

Uncover Trends

preventing costly repeat calls from unsatisfied customers

Take Action

to correct process, product, and behavioral issues

Introducing NICE Enlighten AI Feedback

See it in action.

Deliver Informed Conversations That Elevate Exceptional Customer Service.

Today’s consumers demand frictionless experiences. They expect to give feedback on the fly, in easy and contextual conversations – and to get their issues resolved.

Furthermore, contact center leaders are charged with improving satisfaction and loyalty while increasing operational efficiencies, but they lack the right tools to take agile action with at-risk customers – especially high value customers – to efficiently and quickly resolve their issues.

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC with Enlighten AI Feedback goes far beyond just collecting transactional feedback – to elevate informed conversational feedback so you can prevent at-risk customers from churning, and vastly expand the reach and effectiveness of closed loop efforts.


Churn Risk

84% of consumers are very likely to switch to another company if they have a bad customer service experience.


ROI Opportunity

87% of consumers are willing to buy more products if they have an exceptional customer service experience.

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All in the


Leverage interaction data to present hyper-targeted, intelligent surveys.

The NICE Enlighten AI framework is designed for customer engagement. It is unique in its ability to interpret and infer from every interaction and transform subjective behaviors into actionable insights and agile engagement – consistently, accurately, without bias, and no human effort.

NICE Enlighten AI models use industry leading patented technology with the most comprehensive and expansive interaction database in the world.

The AI behavior models are derived from 20+ years of industry experience, research and market leadership with over 70 patents, using the most comprehensive and expansive interaction database in the world.

NICE Enlighten AI Feedback:

  • Deploys real-time hyper-personalized, contextual, conversational surveys that expand closed loop efforts to improve customer satisfaction and increase lifetime value.
  • Eliminates the need for human listening to understand agent performance and identify customer churn threats, while providing more precise information.
  • Interprets every interaction and transforms subjective behaviors into objective insights without bias, using no human effort.
  • Uses pre-trained models that drive proactive, predictive, and prescriptive action to improve operational efficiency of closed loop efforts at scale.
  • Accelerates agile actions to resolve customer issues and prevent churn.

Capture omnichannel feedback
to understand:

  • What customers are saying
  • What agents are saying
  • Transactional survey results

Analyze omnichannel data analysis
to understand:

  • Trends in customer sentiment, topic volumes, reasons for customer churn
  • Product, process or behavioral issues

Transform every interaction with analytics and AI applied to omnichannel customer feedback to:

  • Proactively communicate with customers on complex issues
  • Personalize outreach / prevent churn
  • Uncover blind spots across the customer journey
  • Prevent costly call-backs