Omnichannel Feedback

Get the full picture of modern customer journeys.

Eliminate Tunnel Vision with Omnichannel Feedback

Unify Journey Touchpoints

Unify input across stages in customer journeys to articulate the most impactful CX interplay.

Eliminate Silos

Uncover blind spots by combining direct, indirect, and operational feedback.

Streamline Data Acquisition

Standardize and automate data collection across touchpoints and channels.

Get the Whole Feedback Story

Modern customer journeys move fluidly across multiple touchpoints – from email to POS transactions, and SMS text to calls with customer service agents. All of these experiences are interrelated, and inputs collected at every touchpoint should connect to deliver the insights  that are most meaningful to omnichannel digital customer journeys.

Each touchpoint can also tell a different story. And, with technology fueling experiences, today’s consumers lead with digital connections. If your feedback collection efforts aren’t digital-first, you are missing opportunities to make a real CX impact – both in the contact center, and across the enterprise.

Direct Feedback

Surveys sent via email, IVR, SMS, website or in-app, and comment cards.

Indirect Feedback

Conversations from service call recordings (including sentiment analysis), chat transcripts, agent notes, email communications, and social media feeds.

Operational Feedback

Data on wait times, paths through the contact center, customer profile, and financial data.

Omnichannel Insights that Connect Customer Journeys

The more inputs you have, the better the insights – and the better impact CX can have across the organization, from product strategy to sales to customer service. That’s why it is more important than ever to meet your customers where they are – and consolidate programs into one Voice of the Customer (VOC) program that is omnichannel in reach – to proactively prevent churn and truly transform customer experiences with efficient and personalized follow up.

Using a customer journey based program design with integrated omnichannel data collection, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide targeted, personalized interactions with improved survey response rates.
  • Make it effortless for customers to give feedback, and program leaders to get insights, make changes, and take action.
  • Be adaptive to the extreme when you collect data, distribute insights, prompt action, and drive change.
  • Predict and influence outcomes before it’s too late.
  • Provide answers in context.


89% of consumers report that they will buy more from a company after an exceptional experience*

*2019 Google Consumer Survey

Disconnected CX Silos to Digital-first Omnichannel

Digital-first omnichannel feedback collection powered by NICE Satmetrix connects consistent and comparable input across channels and journey touchpoints, from research and purchase through to post-sale service and repeat business.

You gain more complete input for a 360 degree view of every interaction, with unified feedback channels and touchpoints – and increased data quality that helps to eliminate blind spots. As a result, you can compare, understand, and act upon the diversity of customer experiences throughout customer journeys to:

  • Connect silos to eliminate blind spots to easily spot customer journeys with the biggest business impact.
  • Streamline data acquisition and analytics processes for data-driven decision-making for the entire customer journey.
  • Identify drivers of contact center friction to reduce customer churn.
  • Resolve customer issues quickly by understanding comprehensive journeys and operationalizing feedback.

Maximize Exceptional CX With a Holistic VOC

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC empowers you to lead the way to drive CX improvements in and beyond the contact center with:

  • Easy post call and relationship surveys.
  • Journey oriented analytics and actionable insights, with visualizations of data.
  • Integrated agent workflows to resolve issues and close the loop in real time.
  • Best practice survey design, including internal and external benchmarking comparisons.
  • Digital omnichannel collection including hassle free IVR integration.

NICE Satmetrix for Contact Centers

NICE Satmetrix, integrated with the CCaaS leader, CXone, has the unique ability to collect speech, text, and operational feedback,  as well as follow up immediately after contact center interactions. This greatly expands the quantity and improves the quality of feedback data for analysis, speed of real-time closed loop issue resolution, and effectiveness of agent coaching.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

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