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As customer experiences moved to the digital landscape, cloud-based contact centers emerged as a critical component to cohesive customer care. Call center software that incorporates strategic customer feedback best practices have the ability to connect the dots, and empower CX transformation. But connecting the dots for a holistic view of customer feedback can be easier said than done. Many organizations struggle to achieve successful integration due to siloed data that fails to provide actionable insights, disconnected from the front lines of customer support. Others find limited success due to poor executive or organizational support.

NICE Satmetrix empowers CX professionals and contact center leaders to collaborate and compete to win in the experience economy. Team with us to benefit from comprehensive journey based program design integrated with the leading cloud contact center solution, CXone, where the digital first omnichannel contact center is a strategic and mandatory part of a holistic VOC platform.

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Holistic Program Design Unified with the Contact Center

The contact center is a leading indicator of how customer interactions and experiences are changing. If your company is to be ready for what’s next, CX and contact center leaders must unite to understand and address a full spectrum business insights and outcomes. With CX-driven strategies that lead with contact center integration, companies can reduce customer churn, cut cost to serve, and improve CSAT and NPS®. NICE Satmetrix holistic program design and consulting includes the benefit of working with the leader in the contact center solutions, as well as the co-inventors of Net Promoter Score® (NPS) – so you can address and solve challenges with confidence in a best-in-class solution.

Holistic VOC and Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journeys are the foundation of experience transformation. Brands that understand and act to improve the CX all along the customer journey see increased revenue and better business outcomes. Full spectrum customer journey analysis unlocks the value of customer data to reveal great insights, which inform even greater decisions.

Expert consultants lead your team from touchpoint and comprehensive journey improvements that bring enhanced insights and targeted automated actions – to improve NPS, increase loyalty, and deliver ROI.

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Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

Customer Journey Mapping for the Contact Center

Experience Transformation

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