Take your
Voice of the Customer
Program Further

with Feedback Already in
Your Contact Center

Unlock Customer Feedback to Drive Customer Loyalty

Customer touch-points have shifted in response to an ever-changing world. Contact centers have become a pivotal point of human connection, and customer feedback. Are you capturing all forms of feedback – direct, indirect, inferred – from the contact center, and beyond?

Learn how to turn holistic insights into CEM results, and

  • Improve NPS, CSAT, and reduce customer churn
  • Break down silos, and drive cross-functional collaboration
  • Adapt in real time, close the loop, and drive CX outcomes

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Get the full picture, all along the holistic customer journey

Awareness / Orientation

Research / Consideration

Decision-making / Purchase


Service / Returns

Retention / Repeat

Loyalty / Advocacy




IVR (Voice)




Establish a connection

Support the transaction

Address pain points

Resolve issues

Extend the relationship


Call recording integrated to reveal service expectations, product demands, other loyalty drivers.


The right inputs delivered
to the right roles.

Dashboards with natural language processing (NLP) plus sentiment analysis.


Personalize and enhance the relationship.

Close the loop with timely, relevant issue response.

Take quick action with integrated call recordings

Get the full picture, all along the holistic customer journey

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