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Going with the Flow

How a Double Feedback Loop Drives Employee Engagement

It’s no surprise that your work related to the Net Promoter Score® can help improve your customer experience and drive bottom-line results. But using NPS® to motivate employees might be less obvious. In practice, a lot of companies struggle to engage their employees. One problem: the missing positive feedback loop. Insights from positive psychology and business cases combine in this presentation to advocate for a double feedback loop. The Detractor loop drives improvement, while the Promoter loop motivates your personnel, creates flow amongst departments, and results in a positive vibe in your Net Promoter work. Hear special presenter and Superpromoter Academy founder Rijn Vogelaar to see how to implement this approach.

Replay our webinar to learn about:

  • The importance of engaging employees with the work of CX
  • The difference between negative and positive feedback loops
  • How flow drives both engagement and success