Drive Employee Engagement at Home

Get Employee Experience Insights at No Charge

In response to COVID-19, many employees including contact center agents are now working from home. NICE Satmetrix would like to help you better understand their experience at home and learn how you can proactively improve that experience.

That’s why we are offering our Workforce Engagement Management at home, WEM@home, Employee Engagement program at no cost.

The program includes:

  • An out-of-the-box employee experience survey for you to field to your team
  • A custom WEM@home Employee Engagement report for your organization to empower you to make targeted improvements
  • A benchmark report with insights on how your organization compares to others as a whole

All benchmark data will be anonymized and no personally identifiable information (PII) data will be collected from respondents.

Organizations with 500 or more employees qualify for the program. Organizations with fewer than 500 employees do not qualify.

Register for WEM@home Employee Engagement Survey

Insights provided in your WEM@home Employee Engagement report can empower you to:

Increase employee engagement

Improve customer experiences

Leverage insights to amend future business continuity plans

WEM@home Employee Engagement survey topics include:

Effectiveness in Supporting a Remote Workforce

Care and Culture 

Tools and Technology

Employee Support Needs

Engagement and Environment

Impact on Customers/Clients

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