RagingWire Customer Success Story

From Satisfaction to Loyalty: A Strategic Move Toward Customer Love

When RagingWire expanded nationally in 2012, they knew they needed an internal shift to move beyond customer satisfaction to customer centricity, ensuring operational consistencies and a seamless customer experience across all locations. Aside from a company-wide transition to measure customer loyalty, with Net Promoter as a KPI, RagingWire’s platform provides relationship feedback for each touchpoint: sales engagement, customer installation, customer service, network operations and the customer portal.


Outstanding Customer Retention Rate

RagingWire saw a 98% customer retention rate, which is a massive 2.5X the B2B average.


Impressive NPS Score

With an NPS of 59 points, RagingWire is far outperforming the B2B average NPS of 23 points.


Mobilizing Promoters

RagingWire is actively leveraging the 64% of its client base that is identified as Promoters to cross-sell and upsell.