Masergy Customer Success Story

Masergy Differentiates Itself with Unmatched Customer Service

When Masergy was searching for a CEM Solution, they knew that they wanted a flexible platform with robust capabilities. NPX enabled Masergy to measure customer loyalty using “hard” numbers. Dashboard reporting allows Masergy to drill down by category and glean actionable intelligence and drive improvements in overall operations across departments. NPX performs both relationship and touchpoint surveys, and an established and well-defined closed-loop process is provided for survey follow-ups.


Drive Revenue Growth

Masergy saw revenue growing at a rate of 20% annually, at a time when competitors saw negative growth or single-digit growth increases.


Miniscule Customer Churn

Incredibly low customer churn, at under 1%.


NPS Far Surpasses B2B Standards

Masergy increased their NPS from 45 to 74 points over six years, whereas B2B companies have an average NPS of 24 points.