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Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tools

From satisfaction to love. In the cloud.

Move from satisfied to delighted with the only self-service, cloud experience app out there. Deep expertise baked in. Easy to deploy. Easy to use. Low TCO. Robust and flexible.

Yearning for better, deeper customer satisfaction, the long-lasting kind that morphs into loyalty? Choose Satmetrix Pro, the only comprehensive, self-service customer experience platform for measuring, monitoring, and acting on customer feedback—and the only solution infused with satisfaction and loyalty expertise from the creators of Net Promoter.

Satmetrix Pro gives you everything you need to quickly launch a new customer satisfaction initiative or add fuel to an existing program. Design and launch unlimited customer surveys using point-and-click templates and question libraries. Make informed, customer-focused business decisions using proprietary Satmetrix analytics. Infuse employees with a love for all things customer with customizable dashboards and push reporting.

Instantly tap the power of Promoters. Quickly identify and recover Detractors. And lift satisfaction to achieve the results you want:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Reduced churn
  • Improved referenceability
  • A clear competitive advantage

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