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Case Studies

Our goal? Your results.

Read our featured case studies to get a good sense of the kind of results you can expect when you partner with Satmetrix for your customer experience or NPS initiative.

Experian builds culture of customer obsession to drive a 15% increase in revenue.

Retention fuels revenue growth at tw telecom, with churn rate below one percent.

Kronos reaches impressive 97th percentile for customer retention.

Symantec’s Net Promoter Score jumps over 50%, while reducing support costs by 30%.

RagingWire data center scales aggressive business expansion with a focus on customer excellence.

Anytime Fitness Launches Its First Customer Experience Program For Franchisees.

Safelite drives $183 million increase in revenue in two years with focus on customer feedback.

Aggreko’s customer experience program turned 43,000 voices into word-of-mouth success. 

The City Bin Co. boosts customer base by 50% – leads industry shift in CX status quo.

Blurb, an online publisher, changes survey strategy – earns increased response rates and deeper customer insights.

Bob Mills Furniture recovers Detractors and puts Promoters to work.

Busey Bank identifies new ways to retain customers.

Elion, a young telco, catches market leader with focus on customer experience excellence.

Experian QAS consolidates fragmented global CX program for big results.

HouseMaster activates “Mobilize Promoters” feature for 40-fold social engagement increase.

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