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NPS Training Puts You on Solid Footing

Give Everybody the Customer Experience Basics They Need

Training to Inspire and Inform

The best way to encourage a focus on great customer experience? Give employees a meaningful mission, and show them how they contribute to success. NPS Training gets you there.


Training for Your Whole Workforce

If you’re serious about customer experience excellence, then get employees pulling in the same direction. Your best bet: educate and inspire every employee, at every level, with NPS Training from Satmetrix.


Give an Hour, Get Engagement

Our self-paced, online training ensures that all employees have a good grounding in the basics of customer experience best practices. It includes a one-hour course for everybody and another one-hour course for managers.

NPS Training for Everybody defines Net Promoter (so simple, but so misunderstood) and explains its value to the company. Then employees learn how to think about the customer journey, and explore their role in improving customer experience.

Leaders go a little deeper in NPS Training for Managers, learning about survey follow-up best practices, trustworthy data that underlies great decisions, driving organizational change, and laying a foundation for success.


Get It in the Academy

NPS Training for Everybody and NPS Training for Managers are both available as part of the Satmetrix NPX Academy.

NPS Basics and Beyond in the Satmetrix NPX Academy

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