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When you buy our benchmarks, you can explore 30 reports. They’re presented with interactive charts, so you can filter and explore as you like. Find reports on 23 B2C industry sectors, plus seven B2B reports, all included.

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It’s tough to reach your goals if you can’t see where you’re going. Shed a little light on things with the annual Satmetrix NPS Benchmarks, giving you insight on your market and your competition. Find out how your B2C or B2B company’s Net Promoter Score compares, so you can set smart improvement goals.

Best Benchmarks on the Planet

Satmetrix co-developed the Net Promoter Score way back when, complementing our industry-transforming thought leadership with the data that drove the research. Each year, we make massive additions to our original database, so we have millions upon millions of data points at our disposal.

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As if simply building reports based on data of unrivaled quality and quantity weren’t enough, we also deliver that data in a interactive format. Filter and explore to your heart’s content.

Our clickable charts and filterable reports tap into the analytic capabilities of Satmetrix, the software that powers industry-leading customer experience management programs around the world.

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B2C and B2B Net Promoter Benchmarks

B2C: Ranking Top Brands on NPS

We build our annual NPS Benchmark reports using original research. Our email-based, opt-in surveys ask consumers about their experience with brands they’ve used in 23 industry sectors, and we compile the data into reports that show you:

  • Average NPS by industry and sector
  • NPS for each of the included companies
  • Percentage of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors by industry and company
  • The drivers of NPS and satisfaction, at the industry and company level

Filter the data on a wide range of attributes like age, marital status, and income, to name a few. Our latest reports feature 247 brands, drawing on responses from more than 44,000 consumers. The data presented goes back to 2012.

B2B: See Regional NPS Trends

Our B2B Net Promoter Benchmarks accomplish the seemingly impossible: delivering highest quality B2B NPS data at an affordable price. Get cross-regional insights in six industry-focused reports and set realistic goals for your success.

Satmetrix B2B NPS Benchmark reports use data collected directly from our customers who participate in our normative research program. That means our data comes from contacts known to be real customers. It also means that our database contains many millions of responses, instead of a few thousand. Data is drawn from the responses of 352,980 individuals in 168 countries.

Participating companies are not revealed. Each industry report provides the average Net Promoter Scores globally, by region, and by country, and look at scores for different percentiles. B2B reports are delivered as interactive online reports.

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