Turn At-Risk Customers into Loyal Net Promoters Using ENLIGHTEN Intelligent Feedback

The best way to establish lasting relationships with your friends and family is to listen, ask relevant questions, and adapt to their input. The conversation is key. It’s no different with your customers. Listening, asking contextual questions, and then adapting and responding to customer feedback is key to building life-long loyalty.

In this forward-looking presentation, you’ll find out how to gather focused feedback to quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues from Jeremy Starling, Solutions Consultant with NICE Satmetrix, and Abby Monaco, Senior Product Marketing Manager with NICE Nexidia.

Webinar Replay

Replay this webinar to learn about:


Combing direct, indirect, and operational feedback for a comprehensive view of the holistic customer journey


Using AI and interaction analysis to get to what your customer say, think and feel


Closing the loop and driving change with real-time action