Employee Experience at Home in Times of Crisis

NICE Satmetrix Employee at Home Benchmark Results Revealed

Presenter: Eric Weight, Head of Experience Consulting, NICE Satmetrix

Our changing world has evolved the way we work, and how we understand the effectiveness of the new employee experience. The goalposts have changed. The results of the NICE Satmetrix Employee at Home Benchmark provides insight that can help to re-calibrate goals as achievable benchmarks for your business to manage the effects of change. Eric Weight, the Head of Experience Consulting at NICE Satmetrix, digs into our data and provides recommendations and insights for how to improve loyalty and engagement in a WFH world.

Webinar Replay

In this webinar replay, you will learn:


How can Employee Experience (EX) insights offer the clarity needed for companies to evolve and adapt


Working from home dynamics, and the impact to productivity, engagement, and loyalty


What employers can do to reduce the negative impact of a remote workforce on customer experience