Customer Success Stories : U.S. Bank Global Fund Services

NICE Satmetrix Fuels Contact Center Culture Change

Find out how U.S. Bank Global Fund Services implemented post-call surveys from NICE Satmetrix, integrating with their NICE portfolio of customer experience analytics, to support their culture change initiative within the contact center department. After-call text surveys of callers provided actionable insights into both the quality of customer service and customer sentiment regarding processes, policies and potential needs.

Collaborative Survey Design

In collaboration with the NICE team, U.S. Bank was able to establish reporting protocols to get surveys out in a timely fashion and develop a staggered rollout plan.

Measured Customer Experience

U.S Bank developed a new KPI to measure its’ customer experience success, CX Impact, which improved by over 660% over 3 years.

Strong Response Rates

The post-call text surveys, while still a new aspect of the CX initiative, have had a 41.1% response rate and have provided valuable customer satisfaction insights.