Glossary of Terms

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What is Voice of the Customer (VOC)?

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) is the process of collecting and analyzing customer input to determine their needs, preferences, and expectations about a brand’s products, services, and experiences. Voice of the customer efforts produce consolidated feedback, straight from the source, that reflects what consumers want from a business. Organizations then use the insights produced by the VOC process to make meaningful changes that address customer expectations.
  • Voice of the Customer input can (and should) be collected multiple ways. Direct feedback, typically solicited by the business, can be gathered through methods like surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews. Indirect feedback can be mined from sources like social media comments, product reviews, and customer service interactions. And operational feedback considers customer behavior such as purchases or self-service transactions. When all three types of feedback are combined, it can paint a clear picture of customer perceptions and expectations.
  • But voice of the customer is more than collecting and analyzing input. To be effective, VOC processes must result in improvements to products and experiences. To ensure that the continuous process of collecting, analyzing, and acting on feedback produces tangible business results, many organizations have implemented formal voice of the customer programs supported by dedicated teams and industry-leading VOC software. VOC teams can help identify needed improvements, gain organizational buy-in, and ensure the voice of the customer is a primary consideration in major business decisions.
  • Businesses that prioritize and successfully execute voice of the customer programs can expect improved business results from higher customer loyalty and retention. In today’s “experience economy,” listening to customers and acting on their feedback is critical to business success.

About NICE Satmetrix

NICE Satmetrix is the leading global provider of Voice of the Customer (VOC) software used by the world's most forward-thinking companies to analyze and transform their customer service interactions. Our Customer Journey-based solution combines and analyzes customer interactions, solicited feedback, and operational data at enterprise scale to uncover blind spots, increase customer satisfaction and improve agent performance.

With consumers reaching out to contact centers for more reasons than ever before, providing consistent and optimized experiences is central to fostering loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value. NICE Satmetrix VOC enables businesses of all sizes to grow the value of customer service touchpoints and operationalize customer feedback.

With NICE Satmetrix VOC, the top VOC solution for contact centers, contact centers get access to:

Integrations with NICE inContact CXone and the NICE portfolio of contact center solutions

  • Superior analytics
  • Digital omnichannel and hassle-free IVR integrations
  • Customer Journey-based design
  • One-stop-shop for all your contact center VOC needs

NICE Satmetrix is the co-creator of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), one of the best indicators of customer loyalty and predictors of business growth. We've instilled our deep knowledge of consumer behavior into our VOC software to make NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC a true one-stop shop for Voice of the Customer with a self-service solution that meets the needs of organizations of every size.

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