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What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the AI-enabled process of determining customer emotions and opinions based on keywords and speech characteristics. Sentiment analysis leverages natural language processing to understand what people are saying and writing, and machine learning helps sentiment analytics tools become smarter over time.

Businesses use sentiment analysis to understand consumer opinions about the brand, products, services, promotions, and more. Analytics tools can efficiently comb through sources like social media comments and product reviews to determine customer sentiment. This allows organizations to respond to negative comments and reach out to customers who have had bad experiences. In these days of brand-damaging viral videos and social posts, sentiment analysis has become increasingly important.

Sentiment analysis can also play a critical role in customer service. The best analytics tools are capable of combing through all contacts from voice and digital channels to determine what customers are thinking and feeling. The words customers use is one input to sentiment analysis. For example, analytics can zero in on keywords like “frustrated,” “love it,” and “disappointed.” The other piece of the puzzle is speech characteristics. Rate of speech, volume, and length of pauses can say a lot about a person’s emotions.

When sentiment analysis is conducted real-time or near real-time, it can alert supervisors about callers who might need an intervention. It can also be used to screen incoming contacts to assess the mood of the customers and route them, for example, to agents specially trained to deescalate tense interactions.

On the back end, sentiment analysis results are highly useful to Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs because they provide valuable input about customer opinions and emotions.

About NICE Satmetrix

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