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Part 1 of 3: Why VOC Is a Must for Your Contact Center

by | May 24, 2021 | Blog

Voice of Customer: The bigger the picture, the bigger the impact.

Your customers can tell you a lot. And they’re speaking through all kinds of touchpoints.

That’s because today’s customer journey is more complex than ever. It has more channels, more ways to interact, and more ways to give feedback. So the success of your voice of the customer (VOC) program depends on capturing feedback from all of these touchpoints.

Looking beyond one or two transactions gives you the comprehensive insights needed to transform the customer experience. Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. And increase your contact center’s financial outcomes.

When you gain insights from all of the ways a customer has interacted with you before they even speak with an agent, you can understand the “why,” not just the “what.” And that’s essential for taking the right action—the kind that gets results.


Bigger customer view, bigger business impact.

When you have these kinds of insights across the end-to-end customer experience, you’re able to understand where your customers are coming from—both literally and figuratively. Take GenXers. Many don’t respond to emails—but will engage with texts and even WhatsApp. Knowing the best ways to reach each customer, how to help them, where improvements are needed, and which issues matter most all lead to higher customer retention and loyalty. It also helps you achieve your customer success strategy, and your business goals and objectives.

Having these holistic insights requires collecting and correlating your direct feedback data—like that from surveys—with the wealth of customer interaction information that may be sitting unused—called indirect feedback.

Indirect customer feedback from chat, text, call recordings, sentiment analytics, social media posts, community forums, and more help complete the customer picture. When you add valuable operations data such as wait time, paths through your contact center, and purchase history data, you have a treasure trove of insights.

Different ways to collect customer feedback

Collect feedback across all channels and correlate the findings to drive success in your contact center and across your organization.

While surveys are essential for driving CSAT, they only capture one moment in time. Understanding the bigger picture helps you implement changes that help you create true efficiencies, make better strategic decisions, and proactively solve problems before they happen.

Make your contact center the epicenter of experience transformation. 

Your contact center is uniquely positioned to gather feedback from across the customer journey and transform it into actionable insights.

This information helps improve agent performance and create customer experiences that lead to long-lasting relationships. It also gives departments across your organization access to valuable customer data they need to drive improvements too. That’s because a powerful, omnichannel VOC solution unifies disparate silos of data across your organization, bringing direct, indirect, and inferred feedback into a single view. Using AI and interaction analysis, your VOC program can reach a wider audience and uncover deeper, more representative feedback.

This kind of unified solution turns your contact center into the hub of customer experience transformation. You’ll be the driver of a customer-centric strategy, sharing customer insights that add value across your organization—from marketing and sales, to operations and the C-Suite.

A journey-based VOC program gives you insights from across all customer touchpoints, automates workflows to take appropriate actions, and allows you to personalize each customer interaction to close the loop.

  • Identify unhappy customers and those at high risk of churn, giving your business a chance to win them back – in real time.
  • Increase customer loyalty through proactive, personalized resolutions.
  • Identify gaps in agent skills and behavior, and improve them with training and coaching.
  • Quickly identify and prioritize potential issues with your brand or product.
  • Understand gaps in functionality or performance for products or services.
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement within the business.
  • Close the loop smarter, faster, and more strategically.

NICE Satmetrix: Your VOC hub.

NICE Satmetrix is the only VOC solution integrated with the leading CCaaS platform: NICE CXone. This complete solution allows you to tie loyalty metrics to real CX outcomes at scale, making a positive difference on your customer satisfaction and ROI.

Without that integration, it’d be impossible to seamlessly gather so many sources of feedback, compile it, analyze it, and surface insights in real-time. And then, operationalize those insights across your organization.

Nor would you have the precision necessary to pinpoint the exact moment in the journey to take actions that reduce customer churn. When you can address those exact friction points, you can improve financial outcomes by delivering better customer experiences—whether it’s knowing exactly which touchpoints are creating negative feedback, or having a proactive, personalized, and contextual survey asking how their chat with Mary was and whether she resolved their specific concerns.


From analytics to action.

NICE Satmetrix brings all types of customer feedback together—direct, indirect, and inferred—including the full range of contact center satisfaction metrics from surveys like customer satisfaction (CSAT), first call resolution (FCR), customer effort score (CES), and transactional NPS. And just as importantly, it provides the platform for you to act on the analytics. Because if you can’t act, you can’t impact CSAT, loyalty, and more.

NICE Satmetrix VOC has hassle-free, data rich interactive voice response (IVR) integration, and uses an analytics engine that combines all these different sources of feedback to understand what needs immediate action.

Completing the picture are built-in text and speech analytics, call recordings, predictive and prescriptive analytics with automated action management, and operational data.

But it doesn’t stop there, because knowledge isn’t worth much if no one can access it. So NICE Satmetrix surfaces the right insights to the right people, inside and out of the contact center, using comprehensive dashboards and reports to visualize the insights.

voice of consumer across customer journey

Categorized alerts, triggered by feedback analysis, help improve front-line team member engagement and performance. By quickly identifying and communicating areas for concern, and aligning the right actions to the right roles, your team can take the best actions to close the feedback loop. It’s an opportunity to not only resolve the issue quickly, but to also turn a detractor into an advocate for your brand. And isn’t what customer service is all about?

Now that you understand the benefits of holistic VOC, you might like part two of our Holistic VOC blog series, How to Get Started with Holistic VOC. It outlines how to get started with a holistic, omnichannel VoC program and best practices to ensure success.

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