Empower Your Team to Improve Customer Retention

With comprehensive VOC insights across the entire customer journey—and a little help from AI—your team can proactively prevent churn, retain more high-value customers, and increase lifetime customer value.

Eliminate Churn Risk Blind Spots

Customer retention is key to maintaining your brand’s market position and growing revenue. Without a holistic VOC program, you could be missing key churn risk signals. NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC provides that broader perspective to help you better understand your customers, forge stronger connections, and proactively reduce churn.

Listen Holistically

Listen Holistically.

Consumers are reaching out to contact centers for more reasons and on more channels than ever before. Connect the dots and visualize omnichannel journeys through the eyes of your customer.

Analyze Effortlessly

Analyze Effortlessly.

Use AI-based predictive and prescriptive analytics to give your agents alerts and workflows to take the right actions to retain more customers.

Prioritize and act strategically

Act Strategically.

Make every customer touchpoint contextual, personal, proactive, and intentional to increase customer retention.


“In the U.S., even when people love a company or product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences, 17% after just one bad experience.”

– PwC, The Future of CX, 2018

Customer feedback data tells a story. Help your organization follow the plot.

Customer retention starts with delivering optimal experiences that make customers feel heard and valued – that means responding in a contextual, personalized, agile way when they have questions or issues.

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC solution empowers enterprises to deliver that CX, connect the dots to uncover potential churn risks, and improve agent performance – resulting in happier customers and higher customer retention rates.

Omnichannel VOC for Relevant, Actionable Feedback

Keep up with today’s consumers and gain a uniquely comprehensive view of the customer experience across all touchpoints. NICE Satmetrix’s omnichannel surveying and analytic capabilities combine more forms of customer feedback and insight than any other solution: chat, text, social messaging, voice and email.

Show Customers You Care with Personalization

Show Customers You Care with Personalization, at Scale

Frustration levels rise and churn risk increases when customers have to repeat themselves. NICE Satmetrix delivers a personalized, conversational contextual approach that improves both the rate and quality of survey responses, so your team can close the loop faster with informed, effective service at the right time to increase customer retention.

Predict and Prevent Churn with the Power of AI

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC includes NICE Enlighten AI Feedback, empowering you to analyze omnichannel feedback to predict and identify at-risk customers, and prescribe appropriate actions to prevent churn.

The powerful combination delivers out-of-the-box omnichannel, AI-enabled analytics at the journey level, interaction level, and behavioral level for real-time, informed decision making that will help you deliver optimal experiences that improve customer retention.


In financial services, for example, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%.

– Bain & Company

VOC Funnel

Deliver Bottom-line Impact

Retaining high-value customers has an obvious positive impact on revenue, but the true power of a holistic VOC program is the ability to drive a companywide focus on customers and capture deeper CX insights that can help deliver more bottom-line impact.

While helping you prevent churn and proactively close the loop with detractors, NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC can also help you identify potential upsell opportunities – all while increasing contact center efficiency. It’s a win-win-win!

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

 Impact Loyalty

Impact Proactive Customer Service

Impact Customer Satisfaction