Take a Proactive Service Approach to Reduce Customer Churn, and Increase Loyalty

Using the power of AI to predict and resolve customer issues.

Predict and Resolve Customer Issues Before They Impact CX

Frictionless, proactive service experiences improve CSAT and loyalty, while the typical reactive approach places the burden on customers—who may switch before you’re even aware they’re unhappy. Eliminate CX blind spots and reduce churn by proactively identifying and closing the loop with at-risk customers, using the power of AI. 

Eliminate CX Blind Spots

Eliminate CX Blind Spots

Identify and resolve issues before they impact CX, using personalized, digital-first omnichannel surveys.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Revenue

Increase Customer Loyalty & Revenue

Surprise and delight customers by resolving issues proactively. Satisfied and loyal customers spend more.

Reduce Service Costs

Reduce Service Costs

Closing the loop and resolving issues proactively decreases costly repeat calls and escalations.

A Gartner survey found that proactive customer service results in a full percentage point increase in NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Personalized, Contextual Surveys Engage Customers

NICE Enlighten AI Feedback helps your customer service teams to proactively close the loop with more customers using highly-personalized, contextual surveys automatically delivered in the customer’s channel of choice – to proactively address questions and eliminate issues before they negatively impact CX and loyalty.

Innovative AI Transforms Analytics Into Actionable Insights

CX blind spots are eliminated as powerful AI collects and analyzes omnichannel customer feedback in real time, delivering predictive, actionable insights and alerts that guide agents to consistently provide an exceptional experience.

A Proactive Approach Transforms Enterprisewide CX

Through role-based dashboards, team leaders and agents can gain real-time insight into the voice of the customer, so they can take the right actions at the right moments to enhance the customer experience—while executives gain deep insights from the journey level down to individual interactions, that can guide CX transformation enterprisewide.

You can empower customer service to:​

  • Act on customer feedback to prevent churn​
  • Proactively close the loop and increase satisfaction, at scale ​
  • Reduce costly repeat calls
Closed Loop Feedback

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Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

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