Want higher CSAT? Fill your contact center with agents of change.

Empower your agents with a deeper understanding of each customers’ journey so they can close the loop after each interaction, and complete the circle of extraordinary experience.

The Greater Your Understanding, the Greater Your CSAT

Know More, Deliver More

Capture all forms of feedback for a complete view of customer experience that powers agent training and engagement so they can take actions that turn unhappy customers into loyal advocates.

Listen Holistically

Listen and Learn

Use text, speech, and sentiment analytics to understand in real time what your customers say, think, feel, and do—and power them with a blueprint for the best response.

Company growth

Go from
Analytics to Action

Use AI-based predictive and prescriptive analytics to give your agents alerts and workflows to take the right actions that resolve issues efficiently.

“With NICE Satmetrix, we can now understand customer satisfaction throughout different points in their journey.”

– Janine Vesper, Operations Manager, Miracle-Ear

Enlightened Agents Perform Better

It starts with having unified feedback from across all touchpoints on the customer journey. Only then can you understand what customers have gone through before contacting you. But when you take it further and enlighten them with AI-driven interpretive and predictive analytics, you greatly increase agent effectiveness. And your CSAT scores.

Customers just want to be heard. There’s nothing worse than filling out a form that details your experience, then talking to an agent who knows nothing about it. With a holistic VOC program, you can empower your agents with insights so they can act in real time using, contextual information about each customer’s concerns.

A holistic VOC program compares feedback and identifies opportunities for improvement across all touchpoints. You can use these insights to improve the interactions that matter most for increasing satisfaction and loyalty, and reducing churn.

Customer Satisfaction Score Screenshot


When you leverage holistic VOC integrated with the leading cloud CCaaS solution, NICE CXone, your customer service agents can elevate every interaction to be contextual, conversational, and personalized.

Get More Value with CXone Integration

NICE Satmetrix is the only VOC solution that seamlessly integrates with CXone, the leading Cloud CCaaS solution. By unifying your VOC solution with the platform you already use, you can bring feedback management to the next level—and be confident it will ingest and operationalize all the information coming from your contact center without any hiccups.

It can also help you minimize feedback requests to customers. Too often, customers get a barrage of surveys from multiple departments that are operating in a vacuum. An integrated solution helps you be more strategic about asking for feedback, ensure the requests you do send are consistent and on brand, and standardize measurement across your organization.

True omnichannel feedback collection brings everything together to create a single source of truth. Say goodbye to blind spots, not knowing what has already transpired, and manual searches to find out. Having it all at your fingertips will improve your customer interactions and their level of satisfaction.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

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Text and Speech Analytics

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