Customer Feedback

Unite Customer Feedback Across the Holistic Customer Journey

To drive omnichannel experiences that maximize CX impact.

Customer Feedback Management with a Holistic Voice of the Customer

It’s been said that listening is the key to understanding. When it comes to customer feedback, if that listening is siloed and disconnected, your understanding is limited – and could be costing your business. By combining customer feedback in all forms, across all interactions, that customer feedback data can then drive insights to action and deliver experience transformation across the enterprise.

Simply asking the effort question in post-contact surveys may not be enough.

Contact center leaders need visibility into the interdependent service levers that can be pulled in order to reduce operational costs and positively impact the comprehensive experience – and customer loyalty.

Using Customer Feedback to Align to Changing Customer Expectations

New consumer habits and new journeys rooted in our digital environment are here to stay. As a result, consumers are reaching out to contact centers for more reasons than ever before – during online research, while making purchases, with post purchase inquiries, and for renewal. And, consumers are interacting in more channels than ever before – including online chat, text, and social messaging, in addition to voice and email.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to empower your customer service with a unified, holistic voice of the customer (VOC) program. To boost satisfaction, enhance loyalty, and reduce churn – while creating impactful experiences that protect and differentiate your brand – you can capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback in the contact center.

Spreading the Customer Love Across the Org

In leading with a holistic VOC program, executive peers in product, marketing, and sales all come together to benefit. With active and comprehensive customer feedback collection, all areas of the organization can leverage data and insights to optimize a wide range of business outcomes. Product teams can get an early heads-up on product issues find informed innovation, executives find new ways to streamline processes, and customer service teams get actionable insights in real-time to increase customer satisfaction.

NICE Satmetrix connects disparate VOC programs using our best practices customer journey based program framework and services. And, with text and speech analytics built-in, you get deep and actionable insights from the contact center – and across the comprehensive customer journey.

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Customer Feedback from All Sources

Because customer feedback comes in various forms, NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC collects solicited and unsolicited, structured and unstructured feedback, with native, out-of-the-box feedback collection from:

  • Surveys via email
  • IVR surveys
  • SMS conversational surveys
  • SMS link to web surveys
  • Embeddable Link to Web survey used for QR codes, sales receipts, website links, etc.
  • Indirect feedback – any stream of recorded speech
  • Parameterized personalized link generated by marketing automation and other tools
  • Reviews and ratings imported text stream
  • Website intercept
  • In-App Web application intercept
  • In-App Web slider
  • In-store/In-branch/Kiosk
  • Voice (with embedded call recording)
  • Indirect feedback – any stream of text or transcribed speech
  • Digital messaging channels
  • Digital social media channels
  • And manual and historical, paper, and phone imports

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All-in-one Customer Feedback Management

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC is a one-stop-shop with a true self service solution that meets the requirements all sizes or organizations – from small and midsized business to those of the most complex of enterprises. This delivers significant savings in the total cost of ownership as well as a true consolidation of all processes and technologies that bring ultimate CX impact – all with a single partner for success.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

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