Act on What Customers Say, Think and Feel with Advanced Text and Speech Analytics

Understand How Customers Feel

Capture sentiment in addition to what customers think, say, and do.

Detect Emerging Trends

Identify dynamic trends before they impact your bottom line.

Enhance Agent Performance

With a holistic view, so they can take appropriate action.

Are You Listening?

Customers have much to say that isn’t captured by the direct feedback of survey ratings alone. During customer service interactions, customers convey significant feedback by what they say and how they say it – pitch, pauses, volume, and more.

What if you could analyze customer sentiment from both their spoken words as well as their text responses? Capturing this indirect feedback gives greater insight into what customers feel, think, say, and do, powering valuable opportunities to boost customer satisfaction and recover at-risk customers.

Customer service can span multiple touchpoints and we have best in class solutions for those touchpoints. With integrated text and speech analytics, you are enabled to detect emerging trends before they blindside the business.

VOC omnichannel text and speech analytics mine audio and text-based customer interactions, analyzing content and sentiment using Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics. Deep learning neural networks that are constantly refined understand words and phrases phonetically for the highest speed and accuracy, in over 40 languages and dialects as well as 800+ trainable ontologies to support 48+ industries.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) text analytics provides text classification, topic modelling, and search. Interactions are automatically categorized using AI and unsupervised machine learning, and are visually depicted in word clouds that show common words and phrases. Automatic Categorization dashboards display topics by volume, duration, sentiment, non-talk time, crosstalk, and more.

Speaker-separated transcripts facilitate further analysis for more than 25 languages. Speech to text (STT) is displayed on VOC survey response pages in the verbatim comment streams. Embedded call playback expands upon verbatim answer recordings and transcripts, facilitating rapid review of the entire agent-assisted conversation.

VOC advanced text and speech analytics provides indirect feedback for greater insight into what customers feel, think, say, and do.

  • Understand how customer feel.
  • Combine insights with direct survey feedback and operational metrics for a complete view of the customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Detect emerging trends before they blindside the business.
  • Recover more at-risk customers based on their spoken and text-based feedback.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

Closed-loop Action

Impact Proactive Customer Service

Customer Feedback