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Today’s customers are everywhere — on every channel, from digital to traditional. Likewise, many brands’ feedback management efforts are equally scattered. From post-call IVR surveys to online chat, customer feedback is more often than not stuck, trapped in an inside-out business silo rather than an outside-in CX platform.

Disjointed customer feedback leads to limited understanding. That’s why it is critical for modern brands to extend the scope and reach of their feedback collection initiatives and unify for a holistic understanding. Customers respond differently to different situations, at different points along the journey. Some customers prefer text outreach, while others are eager to respond to surveys delivered via email.  For a complete view, brands should be prepared to meet their customers where they are, in the communication channel of their choice – at various points along their journey.

Customer Journey

A holistic Voice of the Customer (VOC) program can unify feedback management that clarifies complex, disconnected, and often frustrating customer experiences.  When combined and analyzed holistically, the insights can inform every part of an organization – from improving marketing, to helping product teams adapt to changing customer needs, and can even elevate customer support teams on the frontline.

Unified feedback management delivers immediate, comprehensive voice of the customer insights across all channel interactions. Use holistic VOC data to compare feedback and identify improvement opportunities across customer journey touchpoints​.

Many VOC programs are limited in the feedback that is gathered and analyzed, offering an equally limited view of the customer experience – and insights that are incomplete and disconnected. The contact center holds a gold mine of customer interactions – indirect feedback that is critical to uncovering blind spots along the customer journey. Brands that are able to capture and distill large volumes of this indirect feedback will find an advantage when combined with direct and operational feedback.

With the NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC Solution, you can combine and analyze customer interactions, solicited feedback, and operational data to get one complete view of the customer experience. AI and analytics reveal what most impacts NPS®, CSAT, and what actions should be taken to boost the bottom line.

The only complete solution built from the ground-up to operationalize customer feedback insights all along the customer journey, the NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC Solution breaks down barriers between feedback initiatives and the contact center to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience.

A holistic VOC program can unify feedback management that clarifies complex, disconnected, and often frustrating customer experiences.

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with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

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