Go from portrait to panoramic, for game-changing omnichannel customer experience.

Impact performance – and business outcomes – with agile action that brings exceptional CX into focus.

Omnichannel Customer Experience for Modern Customer Journeys

Customer experience expectations have changed, with customer journeys moving in and out of traditional and digital channels. Do you know what’s driving your customer’s behavior? More so, are you able to identify and impact the moments of truth in order to transform omnichannel experiences?

A holistic Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution unites journey analytics, enterprisewide, to make a real difference with each and every important interaction. When you can bring together all forms of feedback, and take the right action with omnichannel customer experience data, your brand can exceed expectations.

Yet, many brands still operate with a limited view of the omnichannel customer experience. Feedback management programs are siloed across the enterprise, restricting customer-centric strategies. Many VOC programs suffer from incomplete and inconsistent data sources, system integration constraints, and near-sighted, departmental-focused approaches.


When you leverage a holistic VOC integrated with the leading cloud CCaaS solution, NICE CXone, your customer service agents can elevate every interaction to be contextual, conversational, and personalized.

In order to meet constantly changing customer needs, data integration is a must. Analytics tied to a comprehensive customer journey based approach can unite the enterprise by bringing together all forms of feedback – so each right action and follow up with the customer is holistically informed. With holistic VOC as the foundational enabler to exceptional, agile omnichannel customer experience, you can lead customer journey improvements that truly move the needle across your organization. NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC provides a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem, for a complete view that tells the whole story – not limited to singular touch points. With NICE Satmetrix, your omnichannel customer experience can transform in ways that impact CSAT, NPS®, and customer churn – so a holistic VOC becomes your competitive advantage.

3 Ways That NICE Satmetrix Holistic VOC Helps to Transform the Omnichannel Customer Experience:

Break down silos so that CX professionals and contact center leaders can easily collaborate to unify the Voice of the Customer.

Get the full picture by capturing feedback and insights all along the holistic customer journey.

Adapt and act in real time, to close the loop, and drive tangible business outcomes.

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

Digital-first Omnichannel Feedback

Closed-loop Action

Impact Experience Transformation

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