Closed-loop Action

Take actions that drive outcomes
and turn churn risks into loyal customers.

Close Customer Issues Faster with Automated Actions

Initiate Action Automatically

Be alerted when customer ratings, words, actions, and trends exceed thresholds, aligning best actions with roles, priorities, and escalations to meet service level agreements.

Verify Service Recovery

Understand how well your service recovery efforts worked to resolve significant customer issues and reduce churn risks.

Identify Opportunities for Gains

Evaluate systemic improvements that will matter most to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feedback to Follow Through

Actions speak louder than words. While collecting customer feedback shows that you’re listening, the real impact comes with putting insights into action – and measuring to verify the outcomes. With comprehensive feedback from direct, indirect, and operational feedback, your insights become greater, inspiring greater actionability that can impact every customer touch point. That’s the closed-loop feedback difference. Going beyond listening to acting upon your customers’ feedback when they need it is a next step in CX program maturity that pays off for your customers and your company.

Closed loop Action
Happy Customers

For customers, you turn negative experiences into better experiences, which builds word of mouth and social credibility. For your business, you strengthen your customer-centric focused culture to increase retention, improve operations, and grow the business:

  • Reduce churn and increase upsell opportunities.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of root causes of customer loyalty and attrition.
  • Demonstrate that you are listening to customers and employees.
  • Convert Passives into Promoters.
  • Engage Promoters in referral and other marketing opportunities.
  • Use the “voice of the customer” data-driven insights to drive tactical and strategic decisions.

What We Provide

NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC provides comprehensive closed-loop capabilities and a role based methodology. It starts with including closed-loop feedback collection (surveys, voice, and text) via the customer channels of your choosing, augmented with operational metadata from ACD, CRM, and other business systems.

Configurable real-time alerts, case workflows, priorities, and escalations help to automate and align the best actions with the best roles. The impact? Close the customer feedback loop faster on significant customer issues, and meet service level agreements.

Key driver analysis and other advanced analytics help share insights across the organization and identify the systemic improvements that will matter most.

To verify the effectiveness of follow-up processes, NICE holistic VOC supports integrated post service recovery surveys.

Learn more about how NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC impacts customer retention in the contact center, and beyond.

NICE Satmetrix for Contact Centers

NICE Satmetrix has the unique ability to embed call recordings from the CCaaS leader, CXone, in the survey results/case management page, which greatly accelerates understanding to close the loop with customers and eliminates the burden of finding needed recordings.

Additionally, NICE integrates CX reports into coaching and mentoring within contact center workforce engagement management (WEM) using both solicited and unsolicited feedback. NICE is the recognized leader in WEM with unparalleled access to frontline employees.

survey response details

Close the Loop on Customer Issues and Drive Strategic Change

with the only complete and integrated holistic VOC solution, driving performance outcomes from the contact center, and beyond.

Closed-loop Feedback

Customer Stories

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