Bobst Customer Success Story

Improving Industrial Operations, Management and Mindset with Voice of the Customer

Learn how Bobst, a company with over 125 years of history, found a strategic edge in the modern market by adopting a complete customer experience (CX) program. Through a systematic approach to collecting and integrating CX data into strategic planning and new performance indicators, Bobst provided accurate, customer-centric feedback to all levels of the company hierarchy.


Comprehensive Coverage

Learn how Bobst scaled their CX program implementation from 0 to 95% of the business, making 18 specific process improvements in 15 locations.


NPS Skyrockets

Find out how Bobst increased overall group NPS from 10 to 35 points.


Business Booms

Bobst increased orders by 17% and sales by 5.6%, as well as backlog by more than 20%. Overall, net revenue increased by 26.8%!