Experian QAS Customer Success Story

Satmetrix Enables Experian to Align Global Regions and Drive Client Retention

Experian was faced with turbulent markets and one of the biggest challenges the company came up against was forming closer relationships with its clients in every market to ensure they were fully satisfied, driving retention. The company was also keen to ensure that all regions where the business operated were aligned, enabling them to share knowledge and insight.

Each region regularly faced issues that they felt they had no control over, for example, with product development being executed on a global level. This was another motivation for Experian to align its regions and ensure each had influence on the company’s decision-making processes on a broader scale.

QAS, specifically, faced the challenge of shifting the focus of the business from new sales, to enhancing the excellent service already provided to existing clients. On this basis, QAS was keen to identify a tool that would dramatically improve client retention.


Increased NPS

QAS experienced a 31% increase in NPS as a result of their UK program, while global NPS increased from 23 to 33 from 2009-2014.


Business is More Profitable

Total revenue has increased by 14%, and NPS is not a business KPI, ensuring that client centricity remains at the heart of the business.


Retention Rate Improvements Doubled

After only one year, QAS UK improved retention rate by 13%, almost double the previous global record (7%).