Livelo Customer Success Story

Expand Consumer Insights with Bottom-Up NPS®

Discover how Livelo leveraged NICE Satmetrix to transform from a top-down customer approach that left them guessing about how customers feel about the overall journey and experience, to a bottom-up tactic that collects survey data from customers at key moments in their journey. This approach provided Livelo with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their customer relationships, enabling them to evaluate and act on the data in real time.


Expanded Outreach to Detractor Customers

Learn how Livelo used NPS® data to identify and reach out to detractors


Improved Overall NPS®

Find out how Livelo improved their NPS® by 7 points Net Promoter


Increased Survey Output

Livelo was able to grow to 80,000 transactional and 5,000 relationship surveys annually