The ROI of VOC

Create Happy Customers, Drive Efficiency & Improve Financial Results

In order to both survive and thrive in the digital economy, leading brands recognize the value of infusing their strategies with Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights within their contact center activities. This quantitative research from Aberdeen reveals the expansive impact that VOC users find to CX, operational efficiency, as well as financial results. Furthermore, they drill deeper in to reveal a recognition of value within specific industries where VOC that is operationalized in the contact center has directly impacted business outcomes.


Omer Minkara, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen Strategy & Research, October, 2021

Analyst Research

Read the report to get insights and takeaways including:


KPIs that can be impacted with VOC insights


Direct financial benefits from VOC investments


Value differentiation that can be achieved with VOC in the contact center