The ROI of VOC in Government Institutions

Improve Service Delivery, Boost Employee Engagement & Constituent Satisfaction in the Public Sector

As customer expectations of for-profit companies increase around timely service, personalization, and quality, these expectations increasingly carry over to the public sector. Indeed, a December 2021 US Federal Government executive order to rebuild trust in government mandates that institutions transform constituent service delivery and CX across government agencies. This new quantitative research from Aberdeen reveals how government organizations with Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights can achieve superior success in service delivery to constituents. The research shows how VOC programs find ways to continuously improve efficiency in service delivery while simultaneously boosting employee engagement and constituent satisfaction.

Omer Minkara, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen Strategy & Research, April, 2022

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How VOC insights help boost service excellence


Key building blocks to maximize VOC insights and customer satisfaction


How forward-thinking leaders align service delivery with constituent expectations