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Certification and Training to Drive Success

Academy Courses Deliver Best Practices for Your Customer Experience Program

Propel Yourself Forward

Our certification training brings together years of expertise and best practices. We deliver information you can take to the bank,with a practical, use-it-now approach.


Net Promoter Training on Tap

The Satmetrix NPX Academy serves up self-paced training on industry-defining Net Promoter® and customer experience best practices. Unlock courses and training for everyone, from front-line employees to managers to customer experience program leadership.

Learn from the Original Experts

Satmetrix has trained more than 5,000 professionals in customer experience best practices — more than any other company. Our Academy courses and training draw on our industry-defining, battle-tested expertise. Satmetrix co-developed the Net Promoter Score®, or NPS, which fundamentally transformed the way the business world measures customer experience. Years later, NPS is still the only proven leading indicator of business growth.

We back up our research-driven innovation with unmatched in-the-field expertise. Satmetrix has implemented more Net Promoter-driven customer experience programs than anyone else, and along the way we’ve shaped the industry-leading best practices that get bottom-line results.

Training for Tomorrow’s NPS Leaders

Courses in the Satmetrix NPX Academy distill our battle-tested approaches into self-paced, online learning. We bring you real-world case studies, practical guidance, and research-backed best practices. And we do it in convenient, affordable training that focuses your workforce on improving the customer experience. Tap our knowledge on your time.

Training to Transform the Customer Experience

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The Original and Still the Best

Satmetrix has been helping companies succeed at customer experience management since before we co-developed the industry-transforming Net Promoter Score. We’ve been developing and refining best practices ever since. Learn from the undisputed experts.

Net Promoter Certification

Earn the Industry’s Most Coveted Credential

This comprehensive online course turns you into an expert on building, refining, and managing a world-class customer experience program.

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Net Promoter Economics

Take Your Knowledge to the Next Level

Intended as a follow up to the material covered in Net Promoter Certification, this course explains how Net Promoter affects the bottom line.

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NPS Training

Get Employees Engaged in the Customer Experience

If you’re looking to build an army of customer experience advocates, look no further. Just one hour of self-paced training cover the basics.

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