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NPS Implementation & Training

Get your program up and running - in hours.

Satmetrix Pro is easy to get up and running—and we’ll get you started for free. Want more help? Our training and implementation services have you covered.

Because Satmetrix Pro is easy to launch, easy to use, and packed with our Net Promoter expertise, you’ll have a results-generating program off the ground sooner, at a lower cost, than you’d see with traditional or customized approaches, so you can see the value of your program more quickly.

We’ll give you a helping hand for free; our team will help you set up the application, including setting up data restrictions and integration with We’ll also train you to use Satmetrix Pro through webinar training sessions, make sure you’re ready to use it though a pre-launch system review, and help you tweak and refine it through a post-launch review.

If you’d like more support to get your program off the ground, consider a service package:

  • Program Design Enablement – Want to design your program yourself? This service helps you do that through an onsite workshop and review session.
  • Program Design Readiness – Through this service, our team will work with you to completely design a Net Promoter program that maps to your organization, business objectives, and customer experience strategies.

We also offer advanced application management and support. This package turns Satmetrix Pro from self-service into full-service, with our team running everything for you.

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