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Customer Experience Management & Measurement

CEM. In the cloud.

When ease of use and fast results matter, get Satmetrix Pro, self-service software with NPS expertise baked in. Robust enough for an enterprise, simple enough for a solo NPS show.

Several companies promise to deliver software for NPS-based customer experience management. But only Satmetrix created the Net Promoter methodology. And only Satmetrix has the expertise to bring you a fully featured, self-service, customer experience management program in the cloud.

That program is Satmetrix Pro.

Satmetrix Pro gives you everything you need to quickly design and launch unlimited customer surveys using our templates and question libraries, and to make smart business decisions using proprietary Satmetrix analytics, plus anyway-you-like-it dashboards and reporting.

Instantly tap the power of Promoters. Rapidly identify and recover Detractors. And get the insight you need to tweak the customer experience in ways that customers love. Satmetrix Pro gives you the winning edge you need to achieve the outcomes you want:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Reduced attrition
  • Improved referenceability
  • A clear competitive advantage


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