A Solution for Every Role

Make data-driven decisions throughout your organization.


Measure and manage the experiences that impact business performance.

Monitor performance across the customer journey.

Business leaders need CX indicators like scores, and trends that let them identify problems and opportunities within the business. Executive dashboards deliver at-a-glance visibility across the entire customer journey.

CX Professionals

Build a world-class program that delivers insight throughout your organization.

Put customer experience on your company’s radar.

CX Teams need continuous data from multiple sources across a variety of touchpoints. With built-in feedback collection, powerful analytics and easy-to-use action management, Satmetrix puts everything you need into one self-service application.


Increase referrals, retain customers, and target prospects.

Enlist your promoters to market on your behalf.

Marketing teams know that positive word-of-mouth drives acquisition and retention. Satmetrix lets your promoters post positive comments on social media, and helps you create comment streams that feed your websites and fan pages.

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Service Teams

Set alerts, track actions and capture ideas for improvement.

Close the loop with your customers.

Service Teams turn feedback into action. For team managers and individual agents alike, Satmetrix provides alerts, assigns actions, and tracks follow-up tasks to help Service Teams close the loop on issues and turn at-risk customers into promoters.


Monitor your performance with reporting that’s tailored specifically for you.

Keep track of your touchpoint in the journey.

Frontline workers benefit greatly from feedback loops that report on their point of contact within the customer journey. With dashboards, alerts and mobile device support, Satmetrix helps the Front-Line team understand their impact, and improve the experiences they deliver.

Account Teams

Understand the customer journeys taking place in your accounts.

View your reports, organized by account and the roles within them.

Sales professionals know that perceived business value is a key to retention and growth. With account level reporting and scores organized by the influence level of individuals within them, Satmetrix delivers the visibility you need to manage your accounts.


Make providing feedback a simple and positive experience for your customers.

Are you listening?

Your customers have a lot to say, and your business needs continuous feedback. With Satmetrix, your customers get a voice in the ongoing relationship, and your business gains invaluable feedback that helps you maximize customer lifetime value.