Net Promoter Certification Curriculum

Comprising 20+ hours of training

Developed by Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix, the creators of Net Promoter

Net Promoter Framework

  • How Net Promoter acts as a disruptive approach for building customer loyalty
  • The core tenets of Net Promoter
  • How Net Promoter differs from traditional customer satisfaction initiatives
  • The core elements of best practices
  • How to communicate the benefits and value of a Net Promoter program

Setting Goals and Improvement Strategies

  • How high you should reach when setting improvement goals for your program
  • How to set relevant goals for individual employees while accounting for competitive benchmarks, cultural differences, and historical performance
  • How to apply a strategies to differentiate the customer experience
  • How to drive continual improvement and innovation

Driving Change into the Organization

  • Successful approaches for gaining buy-in at all levels
  • Best practices for establishing management rhythms that drive cross-functional action and accountability

Generating Trustworthy Data

  • Best practices for setting up data collection, analysis, and reporting systems to support your program goals and roadmap
  • The difference between transactional and relational metrics
  • Recruitment and sampling strategies
  • Techniques for ensuring high response rates
  • Processes to monitor and avoid results gaming

Determining Drivers to Enable Action

  • How to spot systemic issues and patterns in your customer experiences
  • How to determine the root causes of detraction and promotion to improve NPS with targeted segments
  • The advantages and limitations of a variety of approaches for understanding experience drivers

Closing the Loop

  • How to meet the information needs of three key employee groups
  • How to design closed-loop processes for those groups to drive action, learning, and behavioral changes
  • How best-in-class companies ensure that action is taken on relevant feedback by all levels

Creating a Successful Program Roadmap

  • Practical skills for building a prioritized roadmap for your Net Promoter program
  • The steps in an effective adoption plan
  • Strategies, tactics, and timelines for overcoming common rollout challenges

Post-course certification exam

The exam, administered online in a timed, open-book format, is optional. Successful completion leads to the Net Promoter Certified Associate designation.

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