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Satmetrix® Adds Advanced Customer Experience Management Features for Businesses Using Net Promoter® to Recover Detractors and Mobilize Promoters

Satmetrix Launches Net Promoter in a Napkin

Satmetrix Partners with Customer Experience Thought Leaders to Launch NP360

How to choose the right CRM consultant
My Customer, 11/22/2012

Customer Experience: The Buck Doesn’t Stop with Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Customer Think, 11/20/2012

Businesses Build Customer Value with NPS Go!

Marketeurs BtoB, comment soigner votre complexe Social CRM – Par Frédéric Durand, Président de Diabolocom
ITR Manager, 10/03/2012

Brands are getting serious about social data
Marketing Week, 09/25/2012

Apple retains top spot in annual Net Promoter Score rankings
My Customer, 09/21/2012

Tesco Mobile Triumphs in Net Promoter Score Rankings
Mobile Marketing, 9/19/2012

Les voyagistes en ligne peinent à fidéliser leurs clients
Lemonde Informatique, 09/19/2012

Les agences de voyages en ligne ne parviennent pas à fidéliser leurs clients
Le Quotidien du Tourism, 09/19/2012

Les Français sont de moins en moins fidèles aux grandes marques, 09/18/2012

What Franchises Need To Know About Satmetrix
Franchise  Clique, 08/29/2012

What You Need to Know About Your Net Promoter Score to Help Grow Your Franchise Business Profitably (Q&A with Steve Baxter of Satmetrix)
Franchise Chatter, 08/11/2012

The 2012 CRM Influential Leaders
Destination CRM, 08/01/2012

Social Media Strategy? Think Customer Experience Management Instead
MarketingProfs, 07/30/2012

Social Pros 26 – Richard Owen, Satmetrix
Convince & Convert, 07/23/2012

Satmetrix helps keep score when “sparks” fly on the Social Web
Customer Think, 07/18/2012

Companies Use Social To Track And Follow-Up on Brand Mentions
eMarketer, 07/08/2012

It’s 2012 And B2B and B2C Companies Still Don’t Get it
Forbes, 07/08/2012

Satmetrix Launches SparkScore: Disruptive Social Media Measurement Solution Connects Online Customer Brand Sentiment to Business Results for the First Time

Satmetrix Debuts Social Net Promoter
Destination CRM, 06/14/2012

Customer Experience Is Critical in Net Promoter Benchmarks
Destination CRM, 06/01/2012

B2B Brands Trail B2C in Social Media Monitoring, Follow-up
Marketing Profs, 05/23/2012

Study: B2B Companies lag B2C in Social Media Tracking, 05/17/2012

Using NPS To Promote Internal Improvements and Decrease Detractors
1 to 1 Media, 04/27/2012

Customer Experience Initiatives Lack Proven ROI Value
Marketing Profs, 04/25/2012

Businesses Might Be Missing Out on the Benefits of Customer Loyalty
Destination CRM, 04/18/2012

Companies Use Satmetrix® Mobilize Promoters Tools to Harness Social Media for Relationship Building, Branding, Special Offers and More
Chicago Tribune, 04/05/2012

J.D. Power survey on service finds discount airlines on top
Chicago Tribune, 03/14/2012

Net Promoter in Social Media Featured at Sixth Annual Satmetrix Net Promoter Conference

NPS is a Journey in Customer Experience
1 to 1 Media, 02/03/2012

Net Promoter Creator To Release Social Media Measurement Tool
Destination CRM, 02/03/2012

Satmetrix SparkScore to Offer Groundbreaking Social Media Measurement Solution That Connects Online Sentiment to Business Results Using Net Promoter

TeleTech Partners with Satmetrix to Activate Net Promoter Score® for Clients
Reuters, 02/02/2012

Sixth Annual Satmetrix Net Promoter Conference to Focus on the Next Wave of Net Promoter—Driving Results and Social Media Integration

Satmetrix and Metavana Announce Strategic Partnership To Deliver Cutting-Edge Social Media Products

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