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Our extensive consultation service offerings will help you get the most out of your customer experience or Net Promoter investment.



Even resource-rich companies find that they need guidance and expertise to achieve customer experience success. Our Program Design services help you to avoid common program challenges and maximize results.



High-achieving customer experience programs share certain traits. They undergo regular reviews, are driven by goal-oriented action plans, consistently rely on closed-loop processes, and use governance principles to ensure clear communications and accountability. Our team can help you achieve “world class” as well.



The data is in. But what’s it really saying? Using your data, our customer experience experts can help you to identify areas ripe for improvement, benchmark yourself against others in your industry and region, and navigate the sometimes-muddy waters  that arise when tying Net Promoter or CEM programs to compensation.



Satmetrix NPX is easy to get up and running—and we’ll get you started for free. Want more help? Our training and implementation services have you covered.

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