NPX Software: A Solution for Every Role

Make data-driven decisions throughout your organization.

Every Role Finds
Power in CEM

Unleash the force of CEM data for employees in each business function.

Engage Your Team with CEM

You can’t manage the customer experience alone. Be sure every business function is ready, able, and – here’s the key – willing to work with you. Give team members a specific, role-focused view of your customer experience data. Then, watch as every function becomes absorbed in the process of improving the customer journey.

CEM Has Something for Everyone

Powerful insights, great decisions, and strategic thinking all have a place outside the executive suite. That’s where CEM comes in. The day-to-day work of CEM encourages thoughtful re-examinations of individual roles. It also gives teams a way to work together seamlessly. And collaboration across functions and breaks through log jams. It’s all to the good of your bottom line.

Targeted CEM Data for Targeted Action

When team members have access to CEM data that relates to their daily work, they’re prepared to make smart choices. Ensure that your team has access to rich, always-on data streams. Be confident they can view the data in a way that’s just right for them. Help them make data into a powerfully good habit.